About Us

IMAGEOZ started in 1990 – a consultancy offering informational services and reports for the environmental management and remediation industry. We have since published our environmental content and formed an alliance with gCaptain: SEAMAN

Prior to the explosion of the internet, we operated BBS systems as a hub for data exchange. Today, we continue to offer website services through: IMAGEOZ.NET

As our business has evolved, we have gotten away from technical content and more into imagery archival and optimisation. Alas, we created the IMAGEOZ site which you are on…

While we continue to grow — we now focus on our imagery and communication efforts which assist in preparing, presenting and distributing information for a variety of businesses to their clients. We also offer tailored imagery services for individuals seeking to preserve, better enjoy and manage their albums and memories.

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Please check out our portfolio to see some of our latest work, both for clients and ourselves. Want to commission us or have a chat? We look forward to hearing from you!